5 New Year’s Resolutions for Streamers

When viewers scan the long list of streamers in Twitch, they probably see a bunch of people having fun and shouting with glee at their latest in-game find. The life of a streamer might seem like it’s all fun and games, and a lot of people attempt to try it as their new job. How hard could it be, right? It’s just playing games.

But behind the laughter, the video games, and the upbeat personality are difficulties we don’t see. Like a seemingly calm duck floating on the lake, you actually have to paddle and wade through things beyond just playing games. This is not an overnight success route, and a lot of people have been burned out due to how long they waited already to build a following with little to no results.

The reality is not everyone can be a successful streamer, especially if you’re someone who views it as something easy and quick. There is more to it than just putting yourself and your video games on camera. You have to consider the financial aspect of things, marketing yourself, and being consistent and patient, not to mention having the passion and drive for doing this. Being a streamer isn’t like most jobs where you can just leave your work at the end of your workday – it consumes a lot of your time and you have to interact with your community constantly. When you consider all that, it is amazing how streamers continue to chug along.

But this article isn’t meant to crush your spirits. Instead, we wish to give a little slice of the reality pie, as well as instill hope in veteran and newbie streamers alike. The new year has just started and resolutions are being made left and right, so here’s our take on 5 New Year’s Resolution ideas for streamers that will hopefully inspire and guide you this 2019.

1. Set a goal and work on it

What kind of streamer do you really want to be? Where do you see yourself after a couple of months of streaming? How about a year from now? Do you have other creative outlets you want to explore? If you’re only having this as a hobby, do you want it to become a full-fledged career? A bit of direction on your streaming activities will greatly help, and one way to stay on track is by writing things down. Write down your goals and what you want your streaming hobby or career to become. You can also make a vision board and hang or place it in an area where you can see it all the time.

2. Don’t forget your roots

Some people tend to follow trends to please the crowd. While that’s not totally bad, you should also not forget the things that make you, well, you. Being genuine goes a long way and your audience will appreciate it. 

What games do you really love to play? What’s your personality? What started your streaming career? What inspired it all? By keeping these in mind, you won’t stray too far from yourself.

3. Be mindful of your health

While it’s commendable that a lot of streamers work so hard and so long, one’s health shouldn’t be neglected. How else would you properly game and stream if your health gets compromised, right? You could start with something simple, like walking some more, sleeping some more, or swapping the usual junk food and soda with healthier snacks. You can even get into the meal prep biz and prep “gamer” snacks. Making it fun will help.

Aside from physical health, be mindful of your mental health as well. Are the games and community affecting you, or are real life issues affecting your streaming? It’s okay to take a break and deal with these things, and keep in mind that your mental health should be a priority.

4. Learn new things

Learning something new can be beneficial to your channel. You can pick up a new hobby that you can share to your community, or learn the tricks of the trade and improve your channel. Can I entertain my community with my fanart? Would it make things fun if I make costumes and cosplay my favorite characters? What new apps, programs and gadgets can I use to make my streaming better? It keeps things from being stagnant and can help with your growth, streaming career-wise.

5. Enjoy your time

This last entry might sound cliche and obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people actually need this reminder. Gaming should be fun. You will get a more positive outcome if you also enjoy what you’re doing.

“But what if,” you say, “that the things I like and enjoy won’t give me success?” 

I say that having fun is a form of success already, but if that’s not the kind of success you’re looking for then there are decisions you gotta do and choices you gotta pick. Life’s tricky that way, and at the end of the day all I can hope for is that your decision will still lead you to happiness!

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