5 Essential Twitch Extensions for Streamers

If you aren’t familiar with Twitch Extensions, you should be. Last month, Twitch announced support for developer-created extensions that can be installed directly to your channel.

The capabilities of these extensions are endless, and more and more are being created each day. We have compiled a list of the best extensions to help you differentiate and grow your stream.

Streamlabs Loyalty, Music, Polls & Games (learn more)

Streamlabs is a must-have extension that allows you to process donations, reward viewers, and engage them with polls and music.

Porcupine’s Kappa Pet (learn more)

Keep your stream alive with this creative pet that “lives” and “dies” based on certain levels of viewer engagement.

StreamLegends (learn more)

Let your viewers fight monsters, level up, and earn rewards with this viewer-driven panel.

Game Queue (learn more)

Invite your viewers to game with you, completely hassle-free. This extension takes viewer engagement to the next level, and provides your viewers with unforgettable experiences.

Gear on Amazon (learn more)

Showcase your gear and custom swag directly on your channel. The best part? Amazon shares a cut of the revenue for viewers who buy from your stream.

There are 100s more extensions live for you to install, and I encourage you to check them out. Many of them provide you ways to make your stream more interactive and engaging.

Stream on!


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