24-Hour Streams, Should You Do Them?

When I was in college, pulling all-nighters was the norm. Project due tomorrow? Time to pull an all-nighter. Exam next week? Yep, you guessed it — more all-nighters. Although having to pull all-nighters was a symptom of procrastination, I felt like I earned a badge of honor the next morning. I felt cool when I told my friends about the 24-hour session of studying, snacks, and the 3 episodes of Breaking Bad I managed to watch while “multi-tasking.” 

You may have also heard of the term “hackathon”, which is essentially a glorified all-nighter. You show up, find a team, think of an idea, and build it out. Oh, and you only have 36 hours do finish. Most people get very little sleep and exert a lot of energy to build something cool and win prizes. 

Sleeping at a hackathon

But how beneficial are these short bursts of work? 

At hackathons, I met some incredibly passionate people and made some great friends. They were an opportunity to put myself out there and put my skills to the test. At one hackathon, I won some Beats headphones. At another, I slept in a cardboard box. Great memories!

However, be aware of the disruption to your sleep schedule. Sleep is incredibly important. As I get older, I can physically feel the effects of sleep deprivation on my body. I’m less productive the next few days, it’s easier for me to get sick, and it puts a strain on my vital organs.

As Matt Walker says in his TED Talk, “sleep is your superpower.” He argues that even small disturbances to your normal sleep cycle can have long-term consequences. There can also be short-term consequences if you push yourself too hard, like this Taiwan gamer who died after playing games for 3 days straight.

So how does this apply to streaming? Streaming isn’t an exam you need to pass or a quick project you need to deliver. Streaming is a long-term commitment. Short term gains are nice and help boost morale. But without the proper rest, it is easy for you turn burnout and hurt your overall performance. Write down a list of goals you have for your stream. Does an all-nighter significantly help? If so, go for it. But make sure to do it in a healthy way.

If you’re thinking about running a 24-hour stream, it shows that you’re really passionate about what you do. Having passion and commitment towards your goals will go a long way. But be careful. Your sleep is incredibly important.


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