Introducing the New Pixels Gaming

Similar to finding new loot in Borderlands 3, sometimes you just need an upgrade to keep going. Recently, we’ve felt that a brand upgrade could help keep us going. You may have noticed some major changes to our branding over the past few weeks, such as a new logo, color scheme, and font. Although these visual changes represent a shift in our brand, let’s talk about why we made these changes to begin with. 

Why the change?

First and foremost, our existing brand had a lot of inconsistencies. We had a cool face but it wasn’t very original. Our company firmly believes in self-identity and the acceptance of being different, but our existing brand wasn’t a very good representation of us and our mission.

Next, our website and social media felt scattered and disconnected. We experimented with a lot of colors and ideas but lacked a general direction. As time went on, a nagging question kept coming to our minds.

What is Pixels? Who are we as not just a brand, but as a team? As a community?

Pixels Team

We really had to sit as a team and discuss what Pixels meant to each of us. Our goal was to find a core focus and reflect on what gets us up in the morning to continue building this community. We wanted our brand to speak to all — not just a few. We wanted Pixels to mean and stand for something bigger than anything we could do individually.

Not different — just the real us.

“Branding” is not just a cool logo. It’s about our company’s values and what we want our brand to communicate. To be honest, we really think it looks cool and we hope you do too. But there is real meaning behind it now. Our branding went from being a single worldview to being a multiverse of many personalities and creatives. At Pixels, we are gamers and want that to be shown. Gamers are incredibly passionate beings who can inspire positivity in the world. We want to change the view from “Stop playing games” to “How can we help support your passion for gaming?” Our mission is to amplify positivity and change the way people view and interact with the gaming world. With our new logo, we hope to spread positive pixels. This is our level up and we are excited to have you join us on this journey.

A Pixelated future

We have made the change visually but we also want to clarify a few things, starting with we want you to know that we see you. We want to have more people connect and be excited about your passion for gaming. As we stream out more content, we want the engagement to be organic in the way that there is no pressure. It is important to us that everyone (all you Pixels out there) feel safe and invited here. You have a voice and we want it to be heard. We are a community of openness and acceptance. The real world has enough negativity, but in the gaming world, it’s an escape. All of us here at Pixels want to create more opportunities for gaming professions to help them succeed in this industry and in a positive and fun way.

The Pixel

Moving forward, there will most definitely be changes to come, but now we have more clarity in the direction we are moving. A Pixel is by definition an area of illumination, a tiny speck on a display screen. One of many that compose an image. We see every gamer as illumination, with each gamer being part of a bigger picture. We just want you to know that we have your back. Standing alone can sometimes be epic, but having a team with you is a massive game-changer. So consider this the formal invitation to bring about positivity and light onto the gaming world. We need every Pixel out there and we hope you accept because the future would be that much brighter with you included. 

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Thank You for Breaking Our Servers ❤️

To all of you who continue to support us, provide feedback, and patiently wait for new features, THANK YOU. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

As you may have noticed, many of our extensions have been experiencing technical difficulties over the past few weeks. To be transparent, some of this is due to our laziness (yes, we like to game too 👾). However, much of the downtime you’re experiencing is a byproduct of the massive amount of interest we’ve been receiving. AKA, you’re breaking our servers :^)

We’re doing our best to troubleshoot and resolve issues as fast as possible. Here are some actions we’ve taken over the past week:

  1. We read every piece of feedback from each one of you is . We can’t thank you enough, and it’s helping us resolve issues faster.
  2. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is now taking more of our $$$ 💸. But now we have bigger and better servers 😎
  3. Instagram Feed v2 will be out shortly. We are waiting for Twitch to approve the new hotfixes.
  4. We’ve discovered why other extensions are breaking for some streamers, and working for others. TLDR: rate limiting and concurrency 😿 We’re looking into solutions.

In addition to resolving issues, we’re thinking beyond our current extensions. Every day we ask ourselves, “How can we empower streamers to create new experiences and generate more revenue?” We have some ideas in the pipeline that we’re building out, and I hope you’re as excited as we are.

We understand some of this downtime can be frustrating, but this is a sign of exciting things to come.


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Online Gaming — What’s Next?

Since 1985, Nintendo has continued to revolutionize the way we play games. From solo adventures in Zelda to Super Smash Bros with friends on the couch, the gaming experience is constantly changing.

So what’s next? eSports are on the rise, VR is becoming more immersive and more affordable, and online gaming continues to grow as the Internet becomes widely available. Another huge shift in recent years has been the rise in popularity of video game live streaming. Viewers can watch their favorite gamers and tournaments with a click of a button — and it’s completely free.

Live streaming allows for a much more interactive audience. Between the ominous Twitch chat, the streamer’s personality, the game being played, and the custom panels/overlays, there’s never a boring moment. Live streaming is already transforming the gaming experience, and we are betting our company on its growth and success.

At Pixels, we are creating new experiences to help streamers engage their audience. One pattern we’ve seen across streams of all shapes and sizes is the eagerness of viewers to game with streamers. Imagine playing a soccer game with Beckham or a basketball game with Kobe. This is the best analogy for the excitement a viewer has to game with their favorite streamer. It would be a thrilling and unforgettable experience.


We have recently submitted our first panel, Game Queue, for review. Game Queue makes it easy for streamers to invite viewers to game with them. Each stream has their own queue that viewers can join. Streamers can invite viewers in the queue to join their game of Overwatch, PUBG, and many other games. With full Twitch integration, users don’t need to leave the site to join the queue and streamers have hassle-free controls. Game Queue is fully customizable and handles queue management, prioritization of subscribers, and gamertag collection, so streamers can focus on their game.

We believe this is one of the next evolutions of online gaming — allowing people to play with whoever they want whenever they want. It truly is a different gaming experience. Play the games you love in a whole new way.


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Customer-driven Development

Starting a business is an exciting journey. Product development, customer development, and team building are all very fun and challenging exercises. One of our favorite parts of this journey has been customer development, which is an often under-emphasized part of the startup process. In our experience, this is actually THE most important step in building a successful business.

This week, we set out to interview customers and get feedback. We reached out to over 100 people, and the results have been transformative. Our initial concept had weaknesses we didn’t account for, but we discovered new opportunities we hadn’t foreseen.

It’s been incredible to see the willingness and passion customers have for our product. One person was completely honest. “As your product is right now, I wouldn’t use it. But if it had X, Y, and Z, I would 100% use it and refer it to my friends.” Incredible. The simple step of reaching out to people has not only defined our product roadmap, but has secured future customers if we can execute.

From everyone at the Pixels team, we want to say a huge THANK YOU for your time and feedback. It’s incredibly generous and has transformed our approach to product development. Every thought, idea, and critique is well-received and carefully reviewed to inform the direction of our company.

For other startups out there, put your customers first. Customer-driven development is far more effective and the rewards are endless.


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Introducing “Game With Me” Buttons

We have an exciting update today — “Game With Me” buttons! They come in all shapes and sizes, and are customizable by you. What are they for? It’s quite simple. Many streamers have thousands of viewers and die-hard fans. What if they could simply press a button to join your game?

readyplayervause using “Game With Me” button on Twitch

Not only will this help differentiate your stream, it lets your viewers and fans engage with you in an exiting new way. Imagine getting some PUBG chicken dinner, an Overwatch team kill, or a LoL victory with a viewer by your side. They would turn into life-long fans, and maybe leave a generous donation 😉

The best part? It’s 100% free. No catches. We manage your schedule, advertise your stream, and handle donations so you can focus on streaming and engaging with viewers.

How do you get started?

  1. Sign up for free at
  2. Navigate to your settings and download a “Game With Me” image. If you don’t see a color you like, let us know! We’ll gladly make a custom one for you.
  3. Add the image to your Twitch profile with the following link:

Stream on!


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Brand Musings — Embracing Diversity

Building a brand is a critical part of any entrepreneurial journey. What do you want your company to represent? What do you want to stand for? How do you want to portray your goals and beliefs?

When we were answering these questions, a consistent theme seemed to emerge: Diversity. Gender diversity, ethnic diversity, and cultural diversity are widespread themes in gaming. Not only in the games we play, but the people who play them.

We are passionate about building new tools and experiences for gamers of all kinds — even console gamers :^) To do our part, we set out to make diversity an ever-present theme in our brand. We pledge to support, encourage, and grow diversity in gaming through our products, services, and messaging.

Our color theme and logo were inspired by this mission. A thoughtful mix of colors that represent so many different ideas and a colorful game controller that represents the humanness and diversity of gamers.

But this is just the beginning.


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