Positive Pixels

This past year has been such an incredible journey. We’ve seen Twitch evolve, we’ve seen streamers become more successful, and we’ve seen our community grow. The driving force behind Pixels Gaming is your passion for gaming, streaming, entertaining, and community building. Your passion inspires and motivates us to build better tools and resources.

We’ve put a lot of thought into our values and what message we want to share with the world. We recognize the unique value you provide to the world, and our goal is to help you grow your community in a unique and sustainable way. Often times, it’s a little spark of motivation and inspiration that can drive you to keep going.

We’re excited to launch our #positivepixels campaign. Through your support and our shared values, we hope to inspire others to ‘be different’ and follow their passions. This will start small, but we hope it will grow over time.

There are many ways to spread positive pixels. By having a positive, encouraging, and understanding attitude, you can spread positive pixels. By giving advice and mentorship to those who need help and support, you can spread positive pixels. By embracing diversity, inclusiveness, and being yourself, you can spread positive pixels.

We are also taking a visual approach to spreading positive pixels. We will share daily motivational quotes on our social media to help encourage and inspire others. Each photo we share has various elements of a pixel. The font is pixelated. The “game floor” is pixelated. The background is dominated by a single color. Colorful and simple.

You have an exciting journey ahead, and we can’t wait to be there along the way. Thank you for helping us spread positive pixels across the internet <3

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