10 Holiday Ideas for your Stream

It’s always a good idea to spice up your Twitch streams by adding a bit of the festivities. It’s a nice way to break the occasional monotony of things. This holiday, celebrate the season and bring in the cheer with these 10 holiday-themed ideas.

Play games with holiday or winter elements
As a gamer, playing holiday-themed games is a great way to enjoy the season. There are many retro Christmas games if you go the retro way, and MMOs often have winter or Christmas-themed outfits and places.

Dress up
A simple Christmas hat or knitted sweater can lighten up the mood of your stream. You can even get creative and design it however you want. If you want to make it fancy, there are hats and sweaters that light up and even full-blown costumes.

Add Holiday Twitch Extensions
You can also decorate your video screen with holiday cheer. The Twitch extension Christmas Presents lets you add a Christmas 3D scene to your video. It’s simple to install and lets your audience enjoy a winter wonderland view while you stream.

Decorate your room
If you want to go the extra mile and don’t mind putting some work, you can decorate your actual room, too. A couple of stockings, some fairy lights, and a tiny pine tree can do wonders to your stream set-up.

Music for the mood
The occasional jingling of some bells or instrumental Christmas music can bring some holiday mood to your stream. A jazzy Christmas tune or ringing of sleigh bells can cozy up your viewers.

Food Stream
Mukbang, a popular trend in South Korea, is a kind of video streaming where in the host prepares or eats a meal. Why not take a short break from gaming and treat your viewers to some nice holiday snacks?

Christmas is about giving, and your viewers would definitely appreciate a giveaway. If you have the extra cash to spare, having a giveaway this Christmas is a nice gesture to thank your viewers for sticking around with you this holiday season.

Speaking of extra cash, giving some amount to your preferred charity after doing certain milestones with your audience is a great way to celebrate the season of giving.

Advent Calendar Countdown
A daily countdown till Christmas, each with a secret activity or giveaway hidden behind each date would be a great game to have with your viewers. You can ask for suggestions or make all of it a surprise for your audience.

Play an activity or game with your viewers
If you don’t have the extra cash to spare, a simple activity with your viewers will suffice. You can ask for Christmas dedications or messages that you can occasionally read in your stream. You can also have a short karaoke of Christmas songs.

Happy holidays from Pixels Gaming! 🎄


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‘Game Queue’ Twitch Extension is Live!

Invite your viewers to game with you, completely hassle-free.

We are happy to announce the release of our latest Twitch extension panel — Game Queue!

Game Queue makes it easy to invite viewers to game with you. Viewers can join your game of Overwatch, PUBG, and many other games with a simple chat command. With full Twitch integration, users don’t need to leave the site to join the queue and we have built hassle-free controls for streamers. Game Queue is fully customizable and handles queue management, prioritization of subscribers, and gamertag collection, so you can focus on your stream.

How do I add the extension to my Twitch profile?

You can install the panel here: We also made a step-by-step video guide for getting Game Queue up and running! It takes less than 5 minutes and you can start engaging viewers in an exciting new way.

What features does the Game Queue have?

Game queue has many exciting features. In addition to being completely free, we have highlighted some important features below.

Simple gamertag management

Manage gamertags with a simple whisper command

Subscriber-only mode — Subscriber priority queue

Customizable colors and messaging

How can the Game Queue improve my stream?

We have talked with hundreds of streamers and viewers to understand what tools are missing and what challenges exist. During this process and during our beta testing, we have distilled our learnings into 3 key improvements.

Increased engagement

Game Queue is the only extension of its kind. Many extensions are read-only, and don’t allow for much interaction. Game Queue allows viewers to interact directly with you and have unforgettable experiences. This is also a very new extension and will help differentiate your stream.

Improved subscribe rate

Many streamers have activated subscriber-only mode. This is a direct incentive for people to subscribe to your channel.

Better donations

Last year, over $100MM was donated to streamers. This level of generosity and engagement is unheard of. Now imagine giving someone a more hands-on, unforgettable experience during your stream. “Remember that time I won a PUBG duo with DrDisRespect? Or when I had that amazing Zarya ult playing with TimTheTatman?” Game Queue gives viewers a stronger incentive to donate, and leaves them a bigger fan than ever before.

What our users are saying:

— “This is unlike any panel I’ve seen. It’s very interactive and gives viewers something to look forward to.”

— “I could see myself using this for charity streams. It could motivate more viewers to tune in and donate to charity in return for a fun experience.”

— “I have a really hard time managing gamertags for my viewers who want to game with me. This completely solves that problem.”

Game Queue was built by the community, for the community. Your feedback is incredibly valuable, and we will do our best to build tools and services to help create exciting new experiences.

Pixels Team


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