How 2 Guys Built POWER in 8 Months for Less Than $500

Sounds impossible, right?  Here’s how it happened…

It all started with a design document that specified the “hooks” of the video game – the things that would make it “cool and unique”. Atomic Lollypop, the development team behind the video game POWER consisting of Kevin Bikhazi and Abel Korsmit, came up with organic-looking terrain, levels that are different every match, dream-like jumps across valleys, weapons so powerful they can destroy mountains, and fast-paced gameplay.  This focus gave the team passion, direction, and something they were excited about bringing to life.

Development Tools

They knew they couldn’t do this all on their own and needed to stand on the shoulders of giants.  By leveraging existing off-the-shelf tools like Unreal Engine and its Marketplace, they were able to quickly develop features like terrain, sound, animations, and effects that individually require decades of mastery to produce.

Using Trello, they were able to quickly and easily create a roadmap to track their progress.  It enabled them to prioritize and put all the steps into a logical order.  They made sure to do the easy stuff first so that progress was tangible.  This was important for both them and the community.

Innovation Through Inspiration

Throughout the course of their journey, they took inspiration from other games and talked to potential players.  They got ideas from other places and other people because their goal wasn’t to figure it out all on their own.  They wanted this game to be a shared effort and use any resources at their disposal.

It turns out that two people are enough to get the major components of the work done.  So long as you separate engineering and creativity you have enough to make a product that has form and function.

Startup Mentality

Adopting a startup mentality was key to mastering the timeframe and budget.  It’s all about making time (nights, weekends, and holidays), sacrifice (cutting out time with family and friends), and working with the resources you have available (2 guys and $500).  “Launch early and iterate quickly” was their mantra.

They needed a great product forged by forming an early community and relentlessly applying feedback.  Their initial testing phase produced nearly 500 individual feedback items that had to be chewed through over months of work.  Staying true to their original vision while continuously polishing the video game, based on community feedback, resulted in something that finally became “fun”.

Procedurally generated terrain in POWER

Organic Partnerships

As the game started coming together, they needed the final piece of the puzzle – partners to bring the video game to the attention of the world.  Leveraging their long-standing relationships with Mark Thimmig and Hunter Decker of Esportz Network and Alex of Pixels Gaming, it allowed them to secure a global partner with strong media coverage and a publishing partner with a large network of over 50,000 streamers.

You Can Do It Too

Times are changing.  You no longer need millions of dollars with teams of hundreds to produce and distribute a compelling video game experience.  It now only takes a couple of guys, a few dollars, off the shelf tools, hard work, community, and partnerships to make it happen.

So, what are you waiting for?  Take this story and use it as a blueprint to create your own remarkable video game.

About Atomic Lollypop

Atomic Lollypop is a developer of digital video games. The company was founded in 2018, with its headquarters in Newport Beach, California. Their portfolio includes titles such as Netblast and POWER.

More information about Atomic Lollypop and its products can be found on the company’s website,

About Esportz Network

Esportz Network is a hub for the latest global esports news, live professional statistics, amateur tournaments and everything else the modern gamer needs.  The company was founded in 2018, with its headquarters in Newport Beach, California.

More information about Esportz Network and its service can be found on the company’s website,

About Pixels Gaming

Pixels Gaming is a publisher of digital video games and Twitch extensions. The company was founded in 2017, with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Their portfolio includes titles such as Byte Arcade, Instagram Feed, and POWER. 

More information about Pixels Gaming and its products can be found on the company’s website,

Key Features

  • Procedurally generated terrain.
  • Destructible environments.
  • Fast-paced.
  • Huge explosions.
  • Fast hoverboard with skiing.
  • Powerful jetpack.
  • Powerful weapons.
  • Survival looting.
  • Ping blast to locate your enemies.
  • Full VR support.



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Press Inquiries

For inquiries, please contact: Alex – Founder Pixels Gaming [email protected]


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