Online Gaming — What’s Next?

Since 1985, Nintendo has continued to revolutionize the way we play games. From solo adventures in Zelda to Super Smash Bros with friends on the couch, the gaming experience is constantly changing.

So what’s next? eSports are on the rise, VR is becoming more immersive and more affordable, and online gaming continues to grow as the Internet becomes widely available. Another huge shift in recent years has been the rise in popularity of video game live streaming. Viewers can watch their favorite gamers and tournaments with a click of a button — and it’s completely free.

Live streaming allows for a much more interactive audience. Between the ominous Twitch chat, the streamer’s personality, the game being played, and the custom panels/overlays, there’s never a boring moment. Live streaming is already transforming the gaming experience, and we are betting our company on its growth and success.

At Pixels, we are creating new experiences to help streamers engage their audience. One pattern we’ve seen across streams of all shapes and sizes is the eagerness of viewers to game with streamers. Imagine playing a soccer game with Beckham or a basketball game with Kobe. This is the best analogy for the excitement a viewer has to game with their favorite streamer. It would be a thrilling and unforgettable experience.


We have recently submitted our first panel, Game Queue, for review. Game Queue makes it easy for streamers to invite viewers to game with them. Each stream has their own queue that viewers can join. Streamers can invite viewers in the queue to join their game of Overwatch, PUBG, and many other games. With full Twitch integration, users don’t need to leave the site to join the queue and streamers have hassle-free controls. Game Queue is fully customizable and handles queue management, prioritization of subscribers, and gamertag collection, so streamers can focus on their game.

We believe this is one of the next evolutions of online gaming — allowing people to play with whoever they want whenever they want. It truly is a different gaming experience. Play the games you love in a whole new way.


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