Thank You for Breaking Our Servers ❤️

To all of you who continue to support us, provide feedback, and patiently wait for new features, THANK YOU. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

As you may have noticed, many of our extensions have been experiencing technical difficulties over the past few weeks. To be transparent, some of this is due to our laziness (yes, we like to game too 👾). However, much of the downtime you’re experiencing is a byproduct of the massive amount of interest we’ve been receiving. AKA, you’re breaking our servers :^)

We’re doing our best to troubleshoot and resolve issues as fast as possible. Here are some actions we’ve taken over the past week:

  1. We read every piece of feedback from each one of you is . We can’t thank you enough, and it’s helping us resolve issues faster.
  2. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is now taking more of our $$$ 💸. But now we have bigger and better servers 😎
  3. Instagram Feed v2 will be out shortly. We are waiting for Twitch to approve the new hotfixes.
  4. We’ve discovered why other extensions are breaking for some streamers, and working for others. TLDR: rate limiting and concurrency 😿 We’re looking into solutions.

In addition to resolving issues, we’re thinking beyond our current extensions. Every day we ask ourselves, “How can we empower streamers to create new experiences and generate more revenue?” We have some ideas in the pipeline that we’re building out, and I hope you’re as excited as we are.

We understand some of this downtime can be frustrating, but this is a sign of exciting things to come.


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