As 2018 comes to a close, we have been reflecting on why we are building Pixels Gaming. After some time, it became very clear what inspires us about gamers and streamers: they are different.

As gamers ourselves, we know what it’s like to face discrimination about being a gamer.

  • “It’s a waste of time.”
  • “You should be spending your time doing something more productive.”
  • “Playing WoW is for nerds.”

We have heard these time and time again. Granted, there are some downsides to gaming, and we want to do our part to support the healthy side of gaming. But for the most part, we believe gaming and streaming are very positive forces on the internet.

We have read many inspirational stories about how a streamer has helped turn someone’s life around and get them through very difficult times. We’ve seen people from impoverished countries rise to the world stage and become a beacon for their country and family. We’ve seen communities develop, friendships form, 

Gaming involves strategy, coordination, teamwork, statistics, communication, and so much more. Streaming involves the willingness to be vulnerable, the desire to entertain and support others, and a passion strong enough to fight through the difficulties of growing a stream.

Our community is inclusive, diverse, and above all, different. We encourage and support ‘being different’ in everything that we do. We love your uniqueness. It is a positive force on the internet we aim to spread and support. Our mission is to organize people around the idea that it’s okay to ‘be different’. Whether it’s through events, tournaments, technology, resources, or charity, we want to encourage people to be different and spread this message far and wide. Thank you for your support, and we hope you can help us spread this positive message around the world.

Much love from the Pixels Team ^_^ 

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