Streamer Community Spotlight: Emarly


Greetings! This spotlight series is meant to showcase members of our community who are not only successful streamers, but also represent values that we support, including inclusiveness, diversity, and ‘being different.’ We recognize the unique value streamers provide to the world, and we encourage you to support them!

Meet Emarly ^_^

Emarly is a Spanish streamer who loves video games and music. She started streaming Dota2 in 2014 (it’s her main game). She has been streaming other games like CS:GO, PUBG and now Apex Legends (her 2nd fav game). She is passionate and puts effort into everything she does, trying to entertain her viewers and making people a little bit happier! Her other passion is singing. She is trying to release some songs and you can listen some of her cover songs on Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify.

Tell us a fun fact about you!

I’m so bad playing all games, but I really try to be a good player. You can watch me feeding and raging because of my no-hands! 😀

So, how did you first get into streaming on Twitch?

I was having a really bad time in my life (familiar issue) then I just needed a way to disconnect. My best friend showed me Twitch and then I said “OMG there are people playing video games on the Internet and meeting great people? I have to try it!” Twitch helped me a lot to pass my bad time and made me disconnect from my personal nightmare.

What is your favorite game to stream and why?

Dota2 is my main game. I think it’s the best MOBA because of its mechanics, its difficulty, its graphics, everything. I love Dota2! But now I’m playing Apex Legends a lot, I just think it’s the best FPS Battle Royale game on the market and I need to support it!

What are your favorite hobbies outside of streaming?

I work as a UX/UI designer but my real passion is singing. I’d love to be an artist and sell my music, but I know it’s just a dream!

Who inspires you?

My inspiration in life is make people happier. Trying to help people disconnect from their problems. Inspire people to know more about empathy, respect and happiness. I’m vegan so I would love to share all my knowledge with my viewers and let them choose the best for their souls.

What advice do you have for aspiring streamers?

First of all: stream because you like playing video games and you want or need to make new virtual friends. Stream because you have enough free time to do it! Do it like a hobby. Always like a hobby! Stream the content that you love. Don’t go for the last releases just because you think it will give you viewers. It can happens sometimes but if you do it for a long period you will feel frustrated because you will notice that people are not watching you because who you are, they will be watching you only because you are playing that new game! ALWAYS BE YOURSELF.

We couldn’t agree more, Emarly. Thank you for sharing <3

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