Streamer Community Spotlight: Bumfluffski

Greetings! This spotlight series is meant to showcase members of our community who are not only successful streamers, but also represent values that we support, including inclusiveness, diversity, and ‘being different.’ We recognize the unique value streamers provide to the world, and we encourage you to support them! For more tips, check out our guide on building a streamer community.

Meet Bumfluffski ^_^

A bald-headed, bearded South African whose mom thinks he’s ‘bearable’.

He’s a variety streamer that splits his streaming time between console gaming (Fortnite, Battlefield series, Call of Duty, GTA series, Red Dead Redemption and “whatever games PSN gives him for free”), Virtual Reality gaming and a musical stream he and his friends have titled “Bum Jam” where they gather artists in a room, crack a bottle (or two) of whiskey and take song requests, performing them live!

An avid foodie, Bumfluffski also enjoys cooking and is currently looking to add cooking streams to his stream schedule, he’s “just letting the frying pan soak for a bit…”

Tell us a fun fact about you!

Outside of streaming, I own a development company and we’ve recently released a project we’ve been working on for three years called GeoCrown. It’s a competitive social media where users compete at various locations for exposure, followers, influence, and prizes.
I am actually a chartered accountant by trade but my passion lies deep in technology and apps was a natural (weirdly enough) transition for me. Through our dev house, we’ve built a total of 13 apps in just over 3 years so I’m pretty proud of it!

So, how did you first get into streaming on Twitch?

This was a bit of a weird one. I saw that Playstation 4 had a share button, I clicked it and started streaming to places I didn’t know existed. I recently found my YouTube account where I did occasional streaming to (deleted those embarrassing videos quickly) and started hearing more and more about Twitch. I set up an account, started streaming there without actually ever opening chat or knowing what I was doing until one day I decided to actually check out what I was doing. I aligned myself to some streamers that I loved (Chuxy and MediocreJedi) and they have carried me through the carious growth spurts I’ve experienced since March of 2018.

What is your favorite game to stream and why?

This question needs to be answered in two ways:

1. Individually I like to play story-based games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 but nothing beats cutting bob open on some Surgeon Simulator in Virtual reality.

2. As a group of people, I always enjoy the destruction of a bunch of friends on GTA V, but Fortnite must be my choice of game for streaming with the Bum Boys.

What are your favorite hobbies outside of streaming?

I am a competitive water polo player, representing my province (state) at a men’s level.
I also really enjoy music and have been through the many stages of being a musician:

From a lead guitarist in a garage band to a co-producer in an electro-duo, to a stint as a featured DJ on a local radio station and back to a casual musician with a bunch of friends.
It’s been a ride.

Who inspires you?

The easiest answer is that I take inspiration from as many people as I can. The truth is that everyone you come across, whether you think it or not, does something better than you. If you understand that, you understand that everyone has the ability to offer you inspiration, whether through conversation or observation.

The people I take inspiration from the most would be my family. My wife is one of the most passionate people I know, brushing off tough times to pursue what she believes in. My mom and dad have been handed some of the most difficult cards imaginable, but always ask you about your day and never talk about theirs. My brother is a dreamer that manages to convert dreams to opportunities that he fulfills seamlessly. My sister is a fighter who doesn’t take no for an answer, always willing to risk public scrutiny for what she believes in.

I am blessed to have so many sterling examples in my immediate environment, but these examples exist if you’re willing to look.

What advice do you have for aspiring streamers?

Understand that there are MILLIONS of other channels on Twitch and the only way to attract people to yours is in the way you market yourself, whether through conversation or other.
You don’t watch everything on Netflix, only the content that attracts you, and there is far less content on Netflix than on Twitch.

When it comes to content, the only way to create unique content is by translating who you are into the content you make.

We’re all different, no two alike, so if we create content that is who we are, we have an immediate differential.

Be unapologetically you, every single time.

Thank you for sharing, Bumfluffski <3


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