Streamer Community Spotlight: Anastacia

Greetings! This spotlight series is meant to showcase members of our community who are not only successful streamers, but also represent values that we support, including inclusiveness, diversity, and ‘being different.’ We recognize the unique value streamers provide to the world, and we encourage you to support them!

Meet Anastacia (aka miss_Bila) ^_^

Cross stitching, crossword puzzles, guessing on the tea leaves – you will not find all this on miss_Bila’s channel. I’m from Russia, but I’m not a typical Russian streamer. No bear, no vodka and no balalaika. On the streams, I talk about all aspects of my luxury life – starting with retelling conversations with random people from the queue at the sausage shop and ending with a trip to the strip bar “Blue Sun”!

Tell us a fun fact about you!

One day, my friends and I hijacked a patrol boat at the coast guard, so I was fired from the factory, and now I have to stream on twitch.

So, how did you first get into streaming on Twitch?

That was two years ago, streaming hearthstone. It was epic because I didn’t have professional equipment. My webcam was taped to a selfie stick, which was attached to the table with my dad’s vice to clamp metal. I was very shy, I spoke very little and played frankly terribly (I almost threw cards at random, although I had played pretty well before). But now everything is much better, because I don’t stream hearthstone. Kappa

What is your favorite game to stream and why?

Most of all I love the game League of Legends. With this game, I began my journey into computer games. The game is constantly changing and updating. I always like to play with random people in discord, discuss the latest updates and fully enjoy the fun. I love to watch competitions, the only game for which it is interesting to me to watch the championship.

What are your favorite hobbies outside of streaming?

I like to cook. Seriously, I almost do not go to restaurants and cafes. I always try to cook myself, especially if guests come. Most of all I love to cook meat and bake pies.

Tell us about your stream setup!

I already have a small collection of interesting things in the background. The inscription “MISS_BILA” is the handmade work of one of my subscribers, as well as many other things. Most of all I love the yellow toy, which I call “KOTYA”, it can most often be seen on my streams.

Who inspires you?

The best inspiration for me is my pet dog named Rodion. This breed is a mixture of German Shepherd and Beagle. In difficult times, he can cheer me up. He motivates me when I’m lazy. Just look at him!

What advice do you have for aspiring streamers?

First of all – you need to understand that you have to work hard, devote a lot of time and effort to stream. There will be many problems, obstacles and heyta. But having overcome all this – the reward will be high. Streams is creativity, don’t forget that. No need to adapt to someone, you need to stream for your own pleasure!

Thank you for sharing, miss_Bila <3

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