Whether you came across Pixels through our extensions, website, or through a friend, we are extremely happy you found us. And we are equally as excited to have discovered you! Let us know how we can help you throughout your journey.

Our community is inclusive, diverse, and above all, different. We encourage and support ‘being different’ in everything that we do. We are gamers who know what it’s like to be different, and although some people may think being different is odd, we embrace it. We love your uniqueness. It is a positive force on the internet we aim to spread and support.

Our mission is to organize people around the idea that it’s okay to ‘be different’. Whether it’s through games, streaming, esports, or charity, we want to encourage people to be different and spread this message far and wide. Our brand aims to embody this message in a few simple steps.

A Pixel is by definition an area of illumination, a tiny speck on a display screen. One of many that compose an image. We see every gamer as illumination, with each gamer being part of a bigger picture. Standing alone can sometimes be epic, but having a team with you is a game-changer. So consider this a formal invitation to amplify positivity in the gaming world. We need all you Pixels out there and we hope you accept because the future will be that much brighter with you included.